Full make-up for me and my bridal party! Liz was amazing and very professional! I highly recommend her! -Jen L

Elizabeth is very professional and personable. Her makeup artistry is amazing and she does a great job making her clients look and feel beautiful without being caked with makeup. -Sarah D

I used Elizabeth of Betty Artistry for a photo shoot where I was posing as the main character for a book cover. The story was based in the 1940s, so I needed a 40s inspired make-up job that would also make me look as flawless as I can look (not an easy task, as I am not actually a model and I'm a fairly rough 36-years old... I was only asked to pose because the book cover artist is a friend and pictured my face when he read the character). Elizabeth did an incredible job. I have had make-up done professionally 2 other times in my life (for weddings), both when I was much younger, and I have never looked as good as Elizabeth made me look. I was actually taken aback to look at myself. I felt like a movie star. I looked undeniably beautiful, and I couldn't even be falsely modest about it - not a feeling I've experienced much in my life. I took my first (and probably last) selfie of just myself. Not only all that, she was friendly, fun to work with, and super professional. God, where was this woman when I got married!? -Melissa S

Elizabeth is very professional and is a great communicator. She did my wedding make up and my maternity make up. I described the look I wanted for my wedding and maternity photo shoot and she made it happen. I felt so beautiful and confident! I highly recommend her and her work. -Rachel H